My artwork and emotions are best expressed in clay.  Clay is a fundamental material that allows me to articulate a relationship between surface and form.  Theses qualities of clay allow me to use its malleability to create three-dimensional sculptures that show process and my personal involvement with the piece. In the creation of art I use the marks of the hand and textural elements to create harmony within the forms.  These forms become my canvases for added surface processes. 
The surfaces of my pieces show many layers of process that include multiple and diverse ceramic firing techniques.  These firing techniques allow me to control and manipulate the clay to create surface contrasts of marks and texture to give the pieces depth and a unique visual quality.

This body of work has been inspired by personal growth and development. I want to create a feeling of intimacy between the interaction of the abstracted forms. Those experiences lead to a floral or blossom element that represents the peak of the experience. I want my work to be very sensual, playful and slightly dark, I try to create these feeling with the combination of form, color and surface texture. The floral elements in my work have been inspired from my garden; I love the process and transformation that occurs in nature. I feel this growth and cultivation echoes life’s experiences and that I relate to. I want my viewer to relate to my work in an emotional way; through either the relationships of the forms, the representation of colors, or the just the formal elements and aesthetics of the pieces.





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