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I like your quirky ceramic flowers now at Harris-Stanton Gallery in Akron. Do you have a studio in Toledo. I'd be interested in seeing more of your good works!
-- Judy Nicely, 1/5/14

I heart the Relationship series!
-- Missy Hansen, 8/24/10

Very modern expressions. Good to see some of your work. Nice website.
-- Carol Williams, 10/31/09

Congrats on your site! Your art looks fantastic and seems to b selling well! =)
-- Jennifer Juliano, 6/23/09

Your work is awesome! How's the new body of work developing? I'm looking forward to seeing it.
-- Sandy, 6/20/09

your stuff is everything i ever hoped my stuff could be
-- Timbob Childerss, 9/19/08

Kristin your artwork is amazing and the website looks great!
-- Joneil Upchurch, 8/11/08

Kristin, Great web site! It looks very professional. My personal favorite is tributary. That one took my breath away the first time I saw it. It reminds me of the cross of Christ.
-- Jennifer Kowalski, 7/27/08

Hey there, Kristin!! Your website is so cool! You doing anything in Chicago again soon?! I would LOVE an excuse to go to the city + especially to see you! Miss ya! Erica
-- Erica Bohn, 7/26/08

Kristen! I absolutely love your work... to see the progression since day one of of art school is mindblowing.
-- Jessica Lowman, 7/25/08

Kristen~ Everything looks wonderful! You have done such a great job with both the art and the website! YAY! I can't wait to hang up my pieces again...I miss them! Congrats, it all looks fantastic!
-- Sarah, 7/8/08