Growth Series

Growth Series
These are beautiful Kristin! Love the colors.
-- Joric Van Kerkhove Butler, 10/21/14

Those are beautiful Kristin Kowalski!!!
-- Erin Westfall, 10/21/14

-- Tim Childers, 10/21/14

-- Liesl Smay, 5/2/14

Loving. Clasp and evolve...dying...can I have them all:)
-- Dolltags Deb, 5/1/14

This is why your the best artist in the city
-- Tim Childers, 5/1/14

These are all wonderful Kristin but Vanity, Splendor, and Admiration are my favorites. You are so talented. Do you have them on display at a show somewhere?
-- Joric Van Kerkhove Butler, 5/1/14

 Kristin KowalskiToledo, OH614-260-4891